Redefine your Business with AI and Chatbots

Redefine your Business with AI and Chatbots

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Chatbots and AI have conquered the industry and are still changing it. As technology has grown, these mediums have established their place.

Since the birth of chatbots and AI, we have seen a big change in consumer habits. This change is something we can experience in our daily lives.

For example, the e-mail filter in Gmail is an example of artificial intelligence. However, the most recent feature of smart messaging on Gmail or LinkedIn is how AI works. An example of AI is the fall of suggestions when searching for a word on Google.

When you visit the website you are always asked if you need any help. You said yes, there is a chatbot.

Disney brought a chatbot called Jodiopia, a Hollywood blockbuster. Judy trained visitors to receive ZDP badges. You can examine the following functions.

Have you ever wondered what a chatbot can do?

  • Pay your bills;
  • Events Book or cancel your events;
  • Its a great reminder;
  • Helps you choose the best products;
  • Management of inventory management;
  • There are chatbots that help people overcome diseases like depression and insomnia.

Shocked, right? These are examples of how AI and chatbots bring about a drastic change in users’ changing habits.

With the growing awareness of AI, things have become much easier. Amazon Echo, born in 2016, now has over 25 thousand custom devices. Also, we now have various smart speakers like Google Home, Home Pod.

Audio companies like JBL and Sonos are on the line. They also come with smart speakers like this and trust me, they are awesome.

According to a Grand View Research study, Chatbot will hit $ 1.25 billion market size by 2025. It’s a huge market, isn’t it? So, why not consider a chatbot on your website to facilitate the user experience?

Big changes in consumer habits are a major concern for most business. This change has huge potential for those who adopt technology. We look at how AI and chatbots have influenced consumer habits.

27% of consumers said they prefer to buy the original item through a chatbot (Drift, 2018). This shows the full picture of how consumers are changing their shopping habits.

People love technology and are curious when new ones enter the market. Similarly, 27% of people said they would be more interested in using AI tools (HubSpot). Can you leverage the potential in the market?

35% of people say they want more companies that use chatbots (Ubisand). What are you waiting for? You can now see changes in habits and sales volume with the use of chatbots.

Artificial Intelligence is making a bright path tomorrow. All you have to do is use the opportunity and make the best use of it.

Experts say chatbots are not going anywhere soon. Must go a long way. However, while chatbots have proven to be useful and attractive to users, there are some who prefer humans more than chatbots. But the good side is that AI improves with the development of chatbots. People’s attitudes towards chatbots are changing and will change for the better.


Nothing is worth it without reason, right? Similarly, chatbots are popular for a few reasons:

  • Quick response;
  • Reducing Human Errors;
  • Saves ample amount of time;
  • Reduces operating costs;
  • Engages consumers like no other medium;
  • Maintained Accuracy and reliability.

We, humans, always want a good relationship with technology, don’t we? AI will help us manage one. There is a huge scope and the way AI can bring more changes is incredible.


Consumers are facing a big change in technology. There may be some partial thoughts on the subject but things will get better with improvement.

If you want to add a chatbot, don’t worry. The size of your business doesn’t matter here. All that matter is a clear vision and your goal. The right strategy will help you overcome all obstacles on your way.

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