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We are immersed in a sea of ​​email marketing and marketing automation tools, all of which work just like any other.

However, when it comes to email marketing software, one name comes i.e. Get Response.

It is one of the tools that lasts forever but continues to deliver goods throughout the year.

In this GetResponse review, we will try to break down the tool into its features and discuss its main strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, you can determine if GetResponse is powerful enough to use for your business.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is the best email marketing software widely used.  It has been around for a long while now. GetResponse started in 1997 when SEO Simon Grabowski created the first auto responder software.

Then starting with creating From that point forward, GetResponse has been extending its features and developing its team universally. GetResponse tool has furthermore pinched in acclaim from distributions like Website Magazine which fixed GetResponse as the 2nd -best email marketing provider in year 2011.

Be that as it may, quick forward to now, with a lot tough contest chock full of bells and whistles to the pleasure of users, how has GetResponse figured out how to keep steady over its game?

Its steady growth and ability to modify with the era is perhaps the best value. It continues to provide users with the best email marketing features to assist them developing their business.

Features of GetResponse

Rather than excessive about how great this tool is, it’s ideal to get somewhere down in the weeds and look at the tool in action. The following are its fundamental property and how every one of them functions as one to help have an effect with your business

Email marketing

Its lead service stays one of the best in the business.  Creating excellent emails your subscribers will need to open is made simple utilizing this tool.

Email creator

While making a design from basic, just select which template you’d favour to use for your email advertising job. You can review the model first and check whether it matches with the exterior and feel you’re searching for in your email.

To help you make looking for the exact template a lot simpler, show just templates from the type that meet your needs best. From here, click on the blocks and segments you need to alter.  Its WYSIWYG editor allows you to make changes on the page as your subscribers will see it whenever you’re finished editing it. 

You can similarly make design changes on each block or segment by changing its settings. Regardless of whether you don’t have any design skills, changing the colour or resizing the font dimension is simple with only a couple clicks.  You can even drag and drop blocks and sections you need to add to the template to additionally customize it.

There’s furthermore an Ecommerce part in the email editor where you can add the Product box and optional stuff blocks. Nonetheless, you can possibly utilize these if you set up your store on Get Response.  Whenever you need to utilize a similar email plan on your different campaigning jobs, you can save the current one as a layout. You would then be able to get to your custom design and content area for sometime later.

Whenever you’re over with the design and categorization out who will get the email, you need to plan when the email will be sent to them.

You can send it punctually or set the perfect opportunity for your beneficiaries to see them. Even better, enable good planning to guarantee that subscribers will get the email at the best time dependent on when they opened past mail from you.

Suppose you need to make an email or a series of emails to be sent to a group of subscribers consequently. Since it’s difficult to physically send the emails individually, GetResponse makes this more advantageous to you by means of its Autoresponders feature.

 Create the first auto responder by creating when the email will be sent to users from your list. Once you’ve determined the autoresponder’s plan, you can propose the email and distribute it the same way as shown above.


For example, you can utilize autoresponders to welcome new subscribers by sending them a welcome email and links to pages on your website they require to visit to get them recognizable with your company.

Whenever you’ve decided the autoresponder’s timetable, you can design the email and distribute it a similar path as shown previously.

While sending autoresponders is an incredible method to locally available new subscribers, this element turns out to be vastly improved when combined with the automation feature..

Yet, just to give you a attention, you can automate your sales and assurance by setting up different autoresponders to make a drip-feed campaign!

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Email analytics of GetResponse

To assurance the success of your email marketing strategy, you should realize how your subscribers got it.  Regardless of whether you created you made the best email campaign out there, quite possibly the entirety of your subscribers don’t have a similar conclusion.

Regardless, you need to see how your campaign fared with your subscribers for you to comprehend what you did right and/or wrong and assist you with improving your next campaign.

To do this, review the campaign’s statistics to see the different measurements that decide its general presentation.  From the dashboard, you will see the summarize of how your list reacted to one of your email campaigns job.  It shows you the number of the emails you sent was conveyed to your clients, just as the campaign’s open and click-through rates.

You can see more data about the campaign like the bounce and unsubscribe rates, as well as the number of complaints it got.

Allowing for every one of these, you find out about what made your work a hit or miss and how you can deal with achieve better results.

When you need to analyze the development of your list, the reports section will show you this in chart design on top of different factors.

List management

When creating a list, you need individuals who are engaged in and dynamic with your brand to join. In any case, you can possibly do that in the event that you can send them emails that urge them to take part and stay active.

GetResponse’s List Management include assists you with accomplishing this by first dividing and adding conditions to your subscribers.

For instance, you can segment groups of individuals who joined utilizing an alternate structure with a particular message on your website.

Whenever you have made a segment for them, you can make a personalized campaign for this section that they can get from you.

You make your interactions with every one of your segments more powerful and individual to help increase commitment, if not conversions.

Another approach to assist you with dealing with your subscriber list is by adding conditions to each.

Transactional emails

For users running a web based business website, you need more from your email advertising software beside simply collecting subscribers and sending emails.

You need a tool that will send emails to people who forgot to look at their carts and receipts to clients for each transaction.

With GetResponse, it’s Transactional Email highlight allows you to interface its API or SMTP and send transactional emails to clients.

Automating this framework permits you to focus on the big picture – the tool’s 99% email deliverability rate and reliable infrastructure guarantee that you’re not letting off that without any problem.

You can analyze and review the performance of these emails to additionally boost your business opportunities.

Sign-up forms

Obviously, you can’t create an email campaign when you don’t have subscribers of send them to.

Fortunately, GetResponse has got you covered.

Its sign-up form permits you to collect contact data that you will remember for your list.

Making a form is simple. Browse four different ways to make forms and select from the various templates coordinated into classifications so you don’t need to begin with scratch. Like structure an email, you can edit the current fields and design just as add new ones if the need emerges.

Whenever you’re finished with the form, you can distribute it on your website by pasting the code on any page. You can likewise demand your website specialist to do this for you or let GetResponse have it from its servers. As to last mentioned, you’ll simply have to impart the URL to your audience.

Landing pages

Whenever you need to convert guests into subscribers or even clients, you can utilize landing pages rather than forms.

You can make one by choosing from the accessible templates coordinated into type (promotion, sale, download, deal, and so on)

 Constructing a landing page is a breeze thanks because of its simple drag and drop builder.

To run A/B testing on landing pages, click on the + sign on the top bar of the page to make however many variations as you need.

This assumes a significant part in assisting you with determine out which variation produces higher conversions.

Whenever you’re done with your landing page, you need to figure out which domain you need to distribute the page; you can browse three preset domains owned by GetResponse.

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Whenever your asset guides aren’t expanding the deals of your business, you need to take things to a higher level with online webinars.

 Taking online presentations where people can join and familiar with a subject is an incredible method about your products and services. The way that they joined your online webinar implies they’re keen on what you need to say and offer. Accordingly, hope to close more clients and customers with simply an online webinar meeting.

GetResponse is by far the lone email advertising platform that has built-in online webinar capacities.

 What makes it better is it functions admirably with its different features to make setting up your online webinars a lot simpler instead of utilizing a third-party tool.

To make an online webinar, you need to set up its complete information for example, the URL, date, time, and others.

Marketing Automation

When you need to get more sales and income on autopilot, you should use GetResponse’s advertising automation features.  As referenced, you can make various autoresponders to make a drip-feed campaign. This permits you to give the software something to do as it consequently sends the emails to a segment in your list.

To do this, you need to make a work process intended for your objective. While you have a choice to make the work process without anyone else, you can browse pre-made workflow templates with built-in components.

Conversion funnel

The features above are simply pieces and bits of how GetResponse can help your business.

However, when you need to everything together, its Conversion Funnel allows you to build the pieces together and make a high-changing over channel ensured to transform visitors into clients.

To start with, you need to figure out what the objective of your funnel is.

When you need to construct a list, GetResponse has a choice of lead magnets you can use for your funnel. Yet, on the off chance that you have your very own magnet, far better.

Website builder

Believe it or not, GetResponse would now be able to help you construct whole sites. You’re not going to get a similar level of adaptability as you would with committed web designers, however for an additional feature?  .  When you need to create a straightforward website quick – this is an incredible choice. The AI builder removes website composition process and allows you to look over a lot of templates suggested recommended on your kind of business.

 When your essential site is prepared, you can further customize it with a drag and drop developer.

Ecommerce store

Want to sell digital or physical products? You can do this.

GetResponse also provides this functionality and it integrates nicely with their conversion funnel tool.

This means you can create a fully functional sales funnel without having to combine different marketing tools.

What about integration with payment providers? GetRespons integrates with Square, Strip, PayPal and more.

GetResponse offers four plans with a 30 day free trial for everyone.

The higher the plan you sign up for, the more features you will unlock. Additionally, if the number of your subscribers exceeds 1,000 contacts, the price of all plans will increase.

To save on your subscription, you can sign up for a 12 or 18 month plan to get 18% off and 30% off the total price respectively.

Below are the details of the various Plans available.


GetResponse has a minimum of $ 15 per month plan ($ 12.30 per month for 12 months and $ 10.50 / month for 18 months). Below is a list of features included:

  • Everything under Email marketing, landing pages, forms / surveys, e-commerce tools, templates, website builders and tracking / reporting.
  • Limited automation features (Drip campaigns, click and open follow-ups and contact tagging only).
  • Build unlimited lead funnels and only one (1) sales funnel.
  • More than 150 integrations with third party platforms.
  • Basic customer service (24/7 live chat and email support).


The perfect email marketing solution for affiliate marketers who want to grow their business. Available for $ 49 per month ($ 40.18 per month for 12 months and $ 34.30 / month for 18 months).

Below is a list of other items available in this plan, in addition to those covered under the basic plan:

  • Ability to create everything under the automation feature and five (5) custom workflows.
  • Host 100 webinar attendance, unlimited registrants, unlimited live webinars and three (3) hours of recording storage.
  • Build unlimited lead funnels and up to five (5) sales funnels and webinar funnels.
  • Add three (3) users (including yourself)) to one account.


Businesses looking to take advantage of GetResponse’s email marketing and webinar capabilities should take up this plan. Available from $ 99 per month ($ 81.18 per month for 12 months and $ 69.30 / month for 18 months).

  • Ability to create everything in the automation feature and unlimited custom workflows.
  • Host max. 300 webinar attendees, unlimited registrars, unlimited live webinars and six (6) Storage hours recording.
  • Build unlimited lead funnels, sales funnels and webinar funnels.
  • Add five (5) users (including me) to one account.
  • Access to web push notifications and on-demand webinars.


This plan is for companies that want to run their operations using GetResponse premium features. To get your value, you need to sign up for a custom quote.

This plan contains business plan features including:

  • Host 300 webinar attendance, unlimited registrants, unlimited live webinars and six (6) hours of recording storage.
  • Add ten (10) users (including yourself) to one account.
  • Receive campaign promotion and delivery consultation for maximum results.
  • Email access to transactions (payment add-on)
  • Dedicated customer support (24/7 live chat; email, phone and slack support).

GetResponse pros and cons


  • You can check your advertising atomization work processes and pipes in a visual way Transformation channel highlight makes creating high-changing over pipes unbelievably simple.
  • Online class includes remains all alone and renders the requirement for an outsider online class instrument superfluous.
  • Website designer & AI configuration device allow you to assemble sites faster.


  • Building forms is restricting and not as natural contrasted with building emails and landing pages.
  • Committed client assistance is simply accessible to Max plan subscribers.

Grab GetResponse 30 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

GetResponse review: Verdict

Now, let’s wrap up this GetResponse review.

Looking at its features, it is easy to see why GetResponse has become one of the top beast in the email marketing industry.

It is difficult to beat the automation and email marketing services offered to customers.

But many templates for forms, emails, landing pages, workflows and funnels make GetResponse easy to use.

Even if you do not know how this type of email marketing software works in general, templates can help you fill in the blanks so you can communicate your message more effectively.

And you can sell digital or physical products. You can also use it to create a simple website.

GetResponse is truly a complete marketing tool unlike any other i tested. 8+ different tools have everything you need in one tool to build a profitable business. GetResponse is probably the most ideal decision for engaging in your client and changing over them into customers.

GetResponse is one of the best options to attract your audience and turn them into customers. At the very least, sign up for a 30 day free trial so you can experience it.

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