Search Engine Marketing (SEM) PPC, Google Adwords Online Training Course

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) PPC, Google Adwords Course Content :

Understanding of Paid Advertisement :

• Understanding Paid search results
• Introduction to Google Adwords & PPC advertising
• Setting up Google Adwords account
• Understanding Adwords account structure
• Types of Advertising campaigns
• How does Adwords rank ads
• Understanding Adrank
• Optimizing Search Campaigns
• Understanding bids
• Understanding different types of bid strategy
• Pros & Cons of different bid strategies
• What is quality score
• Why quality score is important
• What is CTR?
• Why CTR is important?
• Importance of CTR in optimization
• How to increase CTR
• Understanding ad-extensions
• What is conversion tracking?
• Why is it important
• How to set up conversion tracking
• Adding tracking code to a website
• Checking conversion stats
• Using keyword planner tool
• Adding keywords in ad-group
• Understanding types of keywords
• Board, exact and phrase match
• What are negative keywords
• Pros and cons of diff. types of keywords
• Understanding ad metrics
• Display & destination URL
• How to write a compelling ad copy
• Types of ad-extensions
• Adding ad-extensions in our campaign
• Tracking Performance and Conversion

Search Network Ad Campaigns (Search Ads) Course Content :

• Types of Search Campaigns
• Creating our l st search campaign
• Doing campaign level settings
• Understanding location targeting
• Different types of location targeting
• Creating ad groups
• Understanding keywords

Display Network Ad Campaigns (Display Ads) Course Content :

• What is Display Ads?
• Types of Display Advertising
• Display Advertising
• Banner ads
• Rich Media ads
• Pop ups and Pop under ads
• Contextual advertising
• What are Payment Modules?
• Assignment on allocating funds
• Creating Banner Ads Using Tools

RE-MARKETING Ad Campaigns Course Content :

• Setting up Re-marketing campaign
• What is Re-marketing?
• Why re-marketing is important
• Re-marketing and Branding RE-MARKETING
• Setting up Re-marketing campaign CAMPAIGNS

SHOPPING ADS Campaign Course Content :

What are shopping Ads
• Who can benefit from shopping ads
• Google Merchant Center
• Creating Shopping Feed
• Creating and Managing Shopping Campaigns

Video Ads Campaign Course Content :

• Importance of video marketing
• Benefits of video marketing
• Uploading videos on Youtube
• Using youtube for business
• Understanding Video Campaign
• Creating Video Campaigns
• Targeting Options
• Understanding Bid Strategy

Universal App Campaigns Course Content :

• What are Mobile App Campaigns
• Advertising on mobile (App & Web)
• Targeting ads on Apps
• Targeting ads via location

Conversion Optimization Course Content :

– What is conversion optimization?
• Some important terms to remember
• Calculating conversion rate optimization
• Elements of the CRO process
• The numbers
• Making sense of the CRO
• The ideal CRO
• Metrics to help you understand CRO

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